Dan Brodie & the Grieving Widows - Run Yourself Ragged

Tell me it ain’t over
That it’s just a passing fad
but every time I move
it goes from worse to bad

They say I got the cancer
that it’s settled in my bones
that it’s moving round inside me
that it’s looking for a home

You really run yourself ragged
You run yourself ragged
You really run yourself ragged

I’m afraid of the future
terrified of the past
last night I caught my reflection
I didn’t recognise myself

Eaten By Dogs - If It Ain’t Killing You, It’s Sure Killing Me

Van Walker & Liz Stringer - Song from a Train (Maitland, NSW; 2014)

The Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band - PIMP (50 Cent cover)


"The ‘Fess" 2012.
New Orleans Blues Legend, Professor Longhair.


"The ‘Fess" 2012.

New Orleans Blues Legend, Professor Longhair.

Wil Wagner - Song About Why I Suck

And I hate what I’ve become but I’ve never been so proud of what I’ve achieved”


Blue Pedals - Wall Fuzz

screams out a lot of Fuzzαρία”

cred: facebook.com/bluepedals.gr


Photo: Sean Davey


Photo: Sean Davey

My father and I built another cigar box guitar. This our best yet. Sounds surprisingly really clean and as you can see she is really pretty. Overall it would have cost us a whopping $60ish all up (with plenty of wood left over). I’ll take better photos when I can be bothered and there is natural light.

The Band - The Weight

Blind Willie Johnson - Dark was the Night, Cold was the Ground

"More like crapitalism"
Karl Marx (via hahry)